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It wasn't only his eyes that glowed, but his whole body shined a blinding blue aura. The aura seemed to burn like a flame and swayed, it seemed like a living spark.


'The maximum power output was as I predicted. It's the worst possible result. His basic psychic power is low so he could only manifest the same amount.'


The instructor blew his whistle and shouted. All of the children fell to the floor like puppets whose strings had been cut off. They couldn't even open their eyes while on the floor.


He lived a short life, but many things had happened and all the moments flashed before his eyes. His life in Japan had not been a happy one. Everyone bullied him for his black skin. He was introverted and couldn't muster enough courage to befriend anyone.


"We need to get the generator running again. Calm down, Zhai." Schwartz commanded with calmness. He was also a very emotional person, but as long as he was the squad leader, he had to carry himself with rationality and reason.


"Han, we're in this state due to your mistakes. If you can't back up the reason for your decision, I don't care about any sort of chain of command, I'll beat you up until you can't stand."

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Kuro confusingly asked. If it had been when he was a first year, Sergeant Red would have been howling with rage. However, Sergeant Red didn't say anything particular. Kuro blankly trailed behind Sergeant Red.


"I see you're from Korea. I have also been there many times before. Hmm, if you're having a hard time choosing between a spear and a sword why don't you leave it up to superstition?"


A plane flew overhead of Ark and opened its hanger. An automated combat drone dropped down. The enemy pilot put his life on the line to lure the anti aircraft gun onto himself for the sake of sending off the automated combat drone.


Out of the six dimensional gates, one had opened in Siniju of North Korea.


Han was a bit surprised. Kijo had kept his eyes on Han until the last moment. Amongst the chaos, he was able to make such a decision, that was quite amazing.


Han added some strength to aid his throwing power and fine adjusted the throwing arch with his telekinesis. With just a little fine tuning, his spear flew a frightening distance.


"The distance from the crack is dozens of meters away. You're planning to go over to them with airbeats? However, as you said, the psychic energy in that area is chaotic. Are you confident enough to control airbeats in that space?"



Han could not sleep for the first few days without sedatives. The adrenaline from battle pumped too intensely and he couldn't calm himself down.



"Supporters are in charge of controlling several airbeats to aid your fellow squad members. Additionally you have the advantage of immediate foresight. Read your squad's movements and be on standby to support your teammates with airbeats. This tactic will be able to lessen the psychic energy waste and mental stress on the overall squad. We never had a member in squad 7 that could act as a supporter, and so we've recruited you so that you can take on this position. Kuro."


'It's hard to admit, but it's true. His psychic skills are practically rock bottom, but he's got the best head amongst the second years.'


The only things they could think of were coconuts, but they couldn't see a coconut tree anywhere.

  • Skull mask attacked with his twin swords like a hurricane. He linked together consecutive attacks without a moment of rest.
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