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'Things are flowing as planned by the instructors. Everyone is beginning to hate me. The formation of the thirteenth squad would probably be known as the squad of traitors.'


Han had been transferred based on the sergeants' letters of recommendation and the events related to Kuro, even though his psychic skills were subpar.


Squad 13's core reason of victory was due to its squad leader Han Lee. He had groundbreaking insightfulness and sharp decision-making talent, on top of a chilling objectiveness that could grasp an opponent's weaknesses.


Sergeant Red reviewed the report he had finished drafting. He paid extra careful attention with regards to his report when Han took command of the squad.


"That's it. There is no need to fight a battle you can't win. We're not sports athletes. It's necessary to throw away our pride and honor from time to time. It's important to accept that an enemy is stronger than you. It's not necessary for you to become the strongest in any one skill. What you must do, is make the situation the most advantageous for yourself, and battle your opponent with your strongest weapon. This lesson applies to every battle. From time to time, you must give up in order to see the correct road forward. We will stop for today."


Silence replied matter of factly. A blue text flashed on his helmet shield. Han momentarily took off his battle helmet. It had been made of high quality material with good ventilation, but it was unavoidable sweating buckets.

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Ark was established for the sake of humanity's continued existence. They were the top stronghold with the best chance at defeating dragons on earth.


Kuro who had been watching placed his hand onto the tree. Han observed Kuro.


Familiar faces appeared from the forest. Squad 9 looked to be in a terrible state. They were a group of 17 people.


The squad members became increasingly agitated as they listened. This went against what they had been taught all this time in Ark. It was hard to believe.


The instructors never took it in their own hands to delve deeper into situations when the person themselves remained quiet.


Han had experienced countless failures. Each time, he had to pay a terrible price for them. He has long been trained to not tolerate failure to his bones.


'If Jose had split his team of rangers equally between the two rocky terrains, it would be Karl's victory. However, if his ranger team works together… it's highly likely that he would be faster than our assaulters.'



Kuro's breathing was erratic. He didn't feel physically tired, but fighting against another human stressed him out to the degree that his chest began to hurt.



'He was probably originally a very sentimental and considerate person. His personality type strongly cares for those around himself. He's used to shouldering heavy burdens for others. He experienced losing his family and close friends early on, so he has a tendency to obsess over every detail. He will use that mental prowess to identify his foes and block off all emotional attachments to protect his clique. He has a strong will to protect himself and his group from outside forces.'


Sergeant Red took out a cigar pack from his pocket. He stuck one in his lips and lit it with his ignition skills. The smoke spread throughout the room. There was a no smoking policy through all of Ark, but Sergeant Red never followed this rule.


"I wonder if it's because he didn't go through the psychic energy inducing process."

  • Psychoframes could only be piloted for a limited time. It's the end once the psyker's psychic energy level depletes. It's impossible to switch out the pilots as well because there are so many specific gears and adjustments to be made. First generation psykers could pilot a psychoframe for a maximum of one hour. Even with all these flaws, psychoframes were essential to take down dragons. They were the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.
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